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    Drones, RPAS, UAV

Capt. Raejus Job

1.        An introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems & the RPAS industry for Aviation Professionals

2.       Aviation Meteorology for RPAS Certification

3.       Aviation Regulations for RPAS Certification

4.       Aviation Navigation for RPAS Certification

5.       Aviation Flight Operations Procedures for RPAS Certification

6.       Aviation Communication & Radio Telephony for RPAS Certification

7.       RPAS Technical certification Modules [ Airframes, Powerplants, Avionics, Telemetry, Sensors & Payloads]

8.       RPAS Business & Project Management

9.       RPAS Advanced certification [Photogrammetry, Aerial Videography, Night vision, Thermal Imaging]

10.   Specialization programs [BVLOS, Agricultural, Medical Logistics, Survey & 3D Mapping, Disaster management]

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