Annual Rate Contract for Hiring of Vehicles at Indian Aviation Academy, New Delhi.

Annual Rate Contract for Hiring of Vehicles at Indian Aviation Academy, New Delhi.

Indian Aviation Academy

Notice Inviting e-Tender (2 BOT- 2 Envelope Open Tender)

(Tender ID-: 2020_AAI_70621_1)


NIT No.: IAA/Engg.(E)/e-NIT/ARC-Vehicle/2020-21                                      Date: 19.02.2021



Item Rate E- Tenders are invited   from   the   reputed   travel   agencies, Car Rentals and other Transport Firms through the NIC CPP e-tendering portal by the by AGM (E-E), IAA, Vasant Kunj Delhi- 110070, (Bid Manager) on behalf of Executive Director, IAA, for the work of Annual Rate Contract for Hiring of Vehicles at Indian Aviation Academy, New Delhi.” for an estimated cost of Rs. 4.0 Lakhs (excluding GST) with the period of completion 24 (Twenty-Four) Months.


The tendering process is online at e-portal URL address Aspiring bidders may go through the tender document by login the CPP Portal. Prospective Tenderers are advised to get themselves acquainted for e-tendering participation requirements at “Instructions for Online Bid Submission” register themselves at CPP portal, obtain ‘User ID’ & ‘Password’ and go through the ‘Self Help Files’ available in the Home Page after log in to the portal They should also obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in parallel which is essentially required for submission of their application. The process normally takes 03 days’ time. The tenderer may also take guidance from AAI Help Desk Support.

Tenderers are requested to kindly mention the URL of portal and tender ID in the subject while emailing any issue along with the contact details.

For any further technical assistance with regard to function of CPP Portal, the tenderers may contact the following AAI HELP DESK Nos on all working days only between :

(i)         0800 hrs to 2000 hrs (Monday to Saturday):

Telephone-PNG[1] 011-24632950, Extn : 3512 (6 Lines), Email email_PNG36[1] :,

(ii)         0930 hrs to 1800 hrs (Monday to Friday):

Telephone-PNG[1] 011-24632950,      Extn     :    3523,     Email     email_PNG36[1],

(iii)        (Monday to Friday):      Telephone-PNG[1] 011-24657900,  Email email_PNG36[1] :

Tender fee of `1180.00 (i/c GST) Non-refundable will be required to be paid offline in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of Indian Aviation Academy (Niamar Society), payable at New Delhi from Nationalized or any Scheduled Bank (but not from Co-operative or Gramin Bank). The original Demand Draft against tender fee should reach by post/ courier/given in person to the concerned officials, within 3 days of the last date of bid submission or as specified in the tender document. The details of Demand Draft/any other accepted instruments, physically sent, should tally with the details available in the scanned copy & the data entered during bid submission time.


Following 2 envelopes shall be submitted through online at CPP-portal by the bidder as per the following schedule:




Sl. No.


Date &Time (IST)


Publishing Date

19.02.2021 at 16:00 Hrs


Bid Document Download / Sale Start Date


19.02.2021 at 16:05 Hrs


Clarification Start Date

19.02.2021 at 16:10 Hrs


Clarification End Date

22.02.2021 at 11:00 Hrs


Bid Submission Start Date

22.02.2021 at 11:05 Hrs


Bid Submission End Date

01.03.2021 at 18:00 Hrs


Last date and time of physical submission of original DD against EMD and DD against Tender Fee, Signed hard copy of IAA Unconditional Acceptance Letter to AGM (E-E), IAA, Vasant Kunj, and New Delhi-110070.

04.03.2021 at 18:00 Hrs


Bid Opening Date: Envelope-I (PQQ & Technical)

05.03.2021 at 10:00 Hrs


Bid Opening Date: Envelope-II (Financial)

08.03.2021 at 10:00 Hrs


Tender Fee

Rs. 1180/- Non- Refundable


Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)

Rs. 8000/- In the form of Demand Draft / Bank Guarantee.


  1. Bid Submission:


Bids shall be submitted online only at CPP portal website: Tenderer /Contractor are advised to follow the instructions “Instructions to Bidder for Online Bid Submission” provided in the Guidelines to Bidder for online submission of bids. Bid documents may be scanned with 100 dpi with black and white option which helps in reducing size of the scanned document.

  1. Not more than one tender shall be submitted by one contactor or contractors having business relationship. Under no circumstance will father and his son(s) or other close relations who have business relationship with one another (i.e. when one or more partner(s)/director(s) are common) be allowed to tender for the same contract as separate competitors. A breach of this condition will render the tenders of both parties liable to rejection.


4. Tenderer who has downloaded the tender from Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) website, shall not tamper/modify the tender form including downloaded price bid template in any manner. In case if the same is found to be tempered/modified in any manner, tender will be completely rejected and EMD would be forfeited and tenderer is liable to be banned from doing business with Indian Aviation Academy.


Envelope-I: - Containing qualifying requirements of Contractor /Firm: -


  1. Cover-I containing scanned copy of Unconditional Acceptance of IAA’s Tender Conditions and Scanned copy of DD against EMD and DD against Tender Fee in favour of Indian Aviation Academy (Niamar Society), Payable at Delhi. Original/Hard copy of the same is required to be submitted to the AGM (E-E), Indian Aviation Academy, Vasant Kunj New Delhi-110070 on or before 04.03.2021 at 18:00 Hrs. The bidder who fails to submit the original DD towards Tender fee, DD towards EMD and Unconditional acceptance letter before the stipulated time or are not meeting IAA’s tender conditions then their tender shall be rejected out-rightly. Any postal delay will not be entertained


  1. Agency should have Permanent Account Number (PAN), GST Registration. Scanned copy of these to be uploaded in Envelope-I.


  1. Scanned copy of ‘Undertaking’ regarding Blacklisting / Debarment on Company’s Letter Head. (As per Performa given at page no. 13 of Tender Document).


  1. Scanned copy of Proof of Address & Contract Tel. No. of Office address.
  2. Should have satisfactorily completed (Phase/Part completion of the scope of similar work in a contract shall not be considered. However, predetermined phasing of the work may be accepted) Three works, each of Rs. 1,60,000/- or Two works, each of Rs. 2,00,000/- or One work of Rs. 3,20,000/- in single contract of Should have experience in providing Transport Vehicles on Hire during last seven years ending on 31.01.2021. Client certificate for experience should indicate the nature of work done, the value of completed work, date of start, date of completion as per agreement, actual date of completion and satisfactory completion of work dully supported by Award letter, Schedule of Quantities.


        “The value of executed works shall be brought to current costing level by enhancing the actual value of work at simple rate of 7% per annum, calculated from the date of completion to the last date of submission of bid.”

Firms showing work experience certificate from non-government/non-PSU organizations should submit copy of tax deduction at sources certificate in support of their claim for having experience of stipulated value of work

  1. Should have annualized average financial turnover of Rs. 1,20,000/- against works executed during last three years ending 31st March of the previous financial year. As a proof, copy of Abridged Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account Statement of the firm should be submitted along with the application. Firms showing continuous losses during the last three years in the balance sheet shall be summarily rejected.


  1. PQ Performa as per duly filled and signed (Checklist / Annexure-B).


  1. Scanned copy of Earnest Money Deposit (EMD), Tender Fee and Unconditional Acceptance of IAA’s Tender Conditions (Performa given in Page. 11 & 12 of tender document) Digitally Signed Tender Documents.


       Envelope-II: - The Financial e- Bid through CPP portal.

All rates shall be quoted in the format provided and no other format is acceptable. If the price bid has been given as a standard BOQ format with the tender document, then the same is to be downloaded and to be filled by all the bidders. Bidders are required to download the BOQ file, open it and complete the white colored (unprotected) cells with their respective financial quotes and other details (such as name of the bidder). No other cells should be changed. Once the details have been completed, the bidder should save it and submit it online, without changing the filename. If the BOQ file is found to be modified by the bidder, the bid will be rejected.

Refund of EMD

The refund of EMD to bidders who fail to qualify the eligibility/technical stage shall be initiated automatically within 7 days of their rejection. For all bidders who qualify and their financial bids are opened the refund of EMD of all vendors except L-1 shall be processed within 7 days of opening of the financial bid.

Bids Opening Process is as below: -


Containing documents for PQQ & Technical bid (uploaded by the contractors/firms) shall be opened as per CRITICAL DATA SHEET. The intimation regarding acceptance/rejection of their bids will be intimated to the contractors/firms through e-tendering portal. Financial bid opening date shall be mentioned in CRITICAL DATA SHEET (any changes in the date shall be intimated through CPP Portal)

If any clarification needed from the bidder about the deficiency in his uploaded documents in Envelope-I, he will be asked to provide it through CPP portal. The bidder shall upload the requisite clarification/documents within time specified by IAA, failing which tender will be liable for rejection.


The financial bids of the contractors / firms found to be meeting the qualifying requirements and technical criteria shall be as per CRITICAL DATA SHEET. (Depending on technical Bid evaluation the date shall be intimated through CPP portal).


Date of opening of Envelope-II shall be intimated via CPP portal.

(Depending on pre-qualification, any changes in the date shall be intimated through “CPP Portal” section). If any clarification is needed from the bidder about the deficiency in his uploaded documents in Envelope – I and he will be asked to provide it through the CPP portal. The bidder shall upload the requisite clarification /documents within time specified by IAA, failing which tender will be liable for rejection.

The financial bids of the contractors/firms found to be meeting the qualifying requirements and technical criteria shall be opened and date of opening shall be communicated via CPP Portal. (Depending on Envelope-I Evaluation, any changes in the date shall be intimated through “CPP portal” section).

  1. IAA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications without assigning any reasons. IAA also reserves the right to call off tender process at any stage without assigning any reason.


  1. IAA reserve the right to disallow issue of tender document to working agencies whose performance at ongoing project (s) is below par and usually poor and has been issued letter of restrain/Temporary/Permanent debar by any department of IAA. IAA reserve the right to verify the credential submitted by the agency at any stage (before or after the award the work). If at any stage, any information / documents submitted by the applicant is found to be incorrect/false or have some discrepancy which disqualifies the firm then IAA shall take the following action:


a) Forfeit the entire amount of EMD submitted by the firm.

b) The agency shall be liable for debarment from tendering in IAA, apart from any other appropriate contractual /legal action.

  1. Consortium/JV companies shall not be permitted. No single firm shall be permitted to submit two separate applications.


  1.  Purchase preference to Central Public Sector Undertaking shall be applicable as per the directive of Govt. of India prevalent on the date of acceptance.


  1. Concessions to Indian Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) units is Not Applicable.


  1. If the entity participating in any of the tenders is a private or public limited company, partnership firm or proprietary firm and any of the Directors/Partners/Proprietor of such company is also a director of any other company or partner of a concern or a sole proprietor having established business with IAA and has outstanding dues payable to the Authority, then the said entity shall not be allowed to participate in IAA Tenders.






                                                                                                                  AGM (E-E),

Indian Aviation Academy

Vasant Kunj New Delhi



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