Cleaning Maintenance & Operation of Swimming Pool at Indian Aviation Academy hostel block at vasant kunj New Delhi

Cleaning Maintenance & Operation of Swimming Pool at Indian Aviation Academy hostel block at vasant kunj New Delhi

1. Sealed quotation is invited by Sr. Manager Engg. (E), IAA Vasant Kunj New Delhi for and on behalf of Director, I.A.A. from Specialized Agencies for the work of “Cleaning Maintenance & Operation of Swimming Pool at Indian Aviation Academy hostel block at vasant kunj New Delhi.” Time allowed 05 Days w.e.f. 11.04.2019 to 16.04.2019.

2. The agency is requested to quote the rate against each item shown in schedule attached. The amount for each item shall be worked out and the requisite total given. Special care shall be taken to write rates in figures as well as words and the amounts in figures only in such a way that interpolation is not possible. The total amount shall be written in both figures and in words.

3. Quotations shall be received by Sr. Manager Engg. (E), IAA Vasant Kunj New Delhi on 16.04.2019 upto 1500 Hrs. on behalf of Director, IAA and opened on the same day at 1530 Hrs. at the following address: 

Room No. 108 Sr. Manager Engg. (E), IAA
Indian Aviation Academy,
Vasant Kunj New Delhi.

4. The agency is advised to inspect and examine the site and satisfy about the nature of work and the site before submitting the quotation (Annexure-A enclosed). The agency shall be deemed to have full knowledge of the site. Whether inspect it or and no extra charges consequent any misunderstanding or otherwise shall be allowed.

5. The work shall be executed as per the direction of Sr. Manager (E-E), IAA on behalf of Director, IAA. who will be Engineer- In-Charge for this job. The work shall be carried out to the entire satisfaction of Engineer-In-Charge. Materials not approved by Engineer-In- Charge shall not be used in executing the work.

6. The quantity shown in schedule may vary during actual execution of work. The agency shall carry out the work as per actual site requirement. Increase in quantity of item or items of work shall be executed by you at the quoted rates upto a limit so that the total increase does not exceed more than 10% of work ordered value.

7. On completion of work, each item of work shall be jointly measured by the agency or their authorized representative and the Engineer-In-Charge or representative of Engineer-In-Charge, and entered into the Computerized Measurement Book. All debris, unused materials, painting stains on walls or floors, etc. developed at site during the course of execution of work shall be removed and the area shall be left clean by you as directed by the Engineer-In-Charge without any extra cost.

8. On satisfactory completion of work, final bill shall be submitted by the agency to the Engineer-In-Charge and same shall be processed with following documents: -
a) Your final bill
b) Other relevant documents, if any.

9. Prices are inclusive of all taxes and duties excluding GST which will be reimbursed as applicable after submission of documents. No other charges shall be paid on any
account. The contractor must ensure payment of all applicable taxes / levies to
concerned authorities and no claim in case of any lapse by the contractor shall be

10. The agency is required to attach the self-attested copies of PAN & Valid GST No.
alongwith the quotation. Quotations received without these documents shall be
summarily rejected

11. The contractor shall be responsible for any damage resulting from his negligence to existing fixtures and will restore, replace or repair any such damage at his own cost to the complete satisfaction of the Engineer-In-charge.

12. The contractor have to place cellophane tape on the quoted rates wherein
correction/insertion/overwriting made, discount offered and total amount
before submission of tender documents.

13. In the event of any dispute of any kind related to the works, decision of the Engineer-In- Charge shall be final and binding on the contractor. Engineer-In-Charge shall mean the Sr. Manager Engg. (E), IAA and the Site-In-Charge is the authorized officer to carry out general supervision, issue day to day instructions and approved workmanship.

14. All materials, tools and tackles, equipment’s, labour skilled and semi-skilled are to be arranged by the contractor. Cost of transportation of labour and material shall have to be borne by the contractor.

15. No T&P or tackles shall be supplied nor can any accommodation be arranged for the staff / workers of the contractor. He shall make his own arrangements for all the above items/facilities.

16. All rates shall be quoted on the SOQ. In case it is found that any firm has not quoted all the rates in the SOQ or some rates have been left blank than it will be presumed by AAI that the firm will executed these items free of cost and amount against these item will be treated as NIL. No consideration in this respect will be entertained by AAI at a later stage.

17. You will be allowed running payments once in 2 Month for which interim / running bills shall be submitted by you the Engineer-In-Charge. Ten percent of total value of work done shall be deducted as security deposit from each running bill.

18. On satisfactory completion of work, final bills shall be submitted by you the Engineer In Charge and same shall be progressed with following documents: -
a. Your final bill
b. Measurement book jointly signed by you and Engineer-In-Charge or his representative.
c. Completion certificate issued by Engineer-In-Charge.
d. Other relevant documents, if any.

19. You should be responsible to make good and remedy at your own expense of any defect which may develop or may be noticed within the defects liability period which shall be reckoned as 3 months from the certified date of completion. The security deposit shall be refunded only after expiry of defects liability period.

20.  Engineer-In-Charge of the work will accept or reject the work executed according to his judgment.

Corrigendum 1: (Ref No IAA/Swimming Pool/2019-20 dated 16th April 2019

Last date of NIQ submission and opening has been extended as following details:

Description Date as per NIQ Revised Date
NIQ submission end date 16.04.2019, 15:00 Hrs 23.04.2019, 15:00 Hrs


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