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Purpose of the Course:   To provide awareness of activities that is not considered professionally acceptable at work. PoSH training purpose is to improve the quality of workplace culture. PoSH training shows that the organization cares about the employees which can increase job satisfaction and employee engagement. Learning Objectives: On completion of the course, participants will be able to understand the  acts related  to the PoSH Participants can differentiate what is acceptable in the workplace and what is not Participants will be aware that whether it is improper business communications or simply inappropriate gossiping, it is only when they are trained they will be able to understand what is considered sexual harassment at the workplace Legal  Awareness Cooperating with the IC for investigation Things to do post inquiry Proactive measures that can be taken to prevent unfortunate incidents Reputation Building of the concern company         Target Population:  All male/female  officer of AAI /others Representatives of govt Offices ,PSU, Private Company, individual DGCA, BCAS, Civil Aviation Administrations, Civil Aviation Authorities, Airports and Air Navigation Service Providers

Standard Course Fee:

for trainees from India, Nepal and Bhutan: INR 15200

for trainees from other countries : USD 360

for trainees from SAARC countries : USD 240

Additional Discount:

Available for more than one participants from one organization and participants from SAARC Countries.

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