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e-learning Course on Airside Infrastructure This is a self-paced e-learning course which consists of following modules: Part-1 Objective Aerodrome reference Point Runway Siting of runway Runway designation Types of runway   Part-2 Aerodrome Reference Code Runway width Runway shoulder Runway slope Runway threshold Touchdown zone Stopway Clearway   Part-3   Declared distances Runway strip RESA Distance between parallel runway Runway turnpad Taxiway Taxiway slope Saperation between taxiway and runway Rapid exit taxiway Taxiway clearances   Part-4   Taxiway shoulder and strip Runway holding position Apron Isolated aircraft parking position Strength of pavement Airport fire station Response time Emergency access road Fencing    

Standard Course Fee:

for trainees from India, Nepal and Bhutan: INR 1875

for trainees from other countries : USD 30

for trainees from SAARC countries : USD 30

Additional Discount:

Available for more than one participants from one organization and participants from SAARC Countries.

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