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Airport Emergency Planning and Disabled Aircraft Removal

Purpose of the Course:

This course gives participants managerial and technical skills to take on an expert role in an airport emergency response. Ground Services Providers (GSPs) play an important role integrating and implementing Airlines’ ERP with the local. They will learn to develop, train and test an ERP according to industry practices and regulatory requirements, bringing together airport operators, aircraft operators, GSP and state authorities.

Learning Objectives         

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to learn:

  1. Types and phases of emergencies
  2. Responsibilities, roles and tasks
  3. Immediate Accident Response
  4. Recovery and Business Continuity
  5. Humanitarian Response
  6. Procedure of removal of Disabled Aircraft ICAO Doc. 9137Airport Services Manual Part-5, 4th Edition Purpose. Different Terms used for Disabled Aircraft Removal Plan
  7. Responsibilities of State, Aerodrome, Airport Operators, Airlines Operators, Insurance Agencies, Investigating Agencies, Reason of RWY incursion
  8. Introduction of New Larger Aircraft, smaller Aircraft Removal and their related documents Annex-9,13,14, DOC 9137, Part-1,7, &8, DOC 6920, Circular 302 and other related documents of existing Airport, Aircraft and manufacturer.
  9. Site Survey, Aircraft Survey and Inspection procedures, Terrain, Access Route, weather, PPE, Details of removal equipment and Contractors, Details of Hazards Material, Fuel System, Electrical System, Dangers Goods, Fire Safety related Issues.
  10. Weight and Centre Gravity management of Aircraft, Fuel managing control
  11. Preparation of Removal of Aircraft Tethers, Shoring, Ground anchoring Stability, wind load, soil text, Damaged component,  
  12. Weight Reduction methods, Levelling and Lifting Procedures, Towing, Debogging , moving of Aircraft
  13. Post recovery corrective action, Incident reporting, Composition of Aircraft Removing Team and Documentations.


Target Population:

For AAI-Jr Executive and above but up to Jt.GM Level from Operations, ATM, CNS, Engineering and Planning

For others- Middle management level personnel 

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