Indian Aviation Academy is now open and running classroom programmes following regulatory guidelines.   IAA in collaboration with Management Development Institute (MDI),Gurgaon announces six months 'Certificate Program in Airport Strategic Operations & Management'  

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Dangerous Goods Regulations -Category 1,3 & 6

Purpose of the Course:

Dangerous Goods Regulations training programme aims to enable participants from various airlines, Non-scheduled Operators, packers, shippers, freight forwarders, GHA staff etc to support their organization to comply with ICAO instructions on Dangerous Goods and Indian Legal Regime with reference to DGR as directed by DGCA India.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to accomplish the following:

  • learn the concepts and regulations on transportation of Dangerous Goods of DGCA India;
  • explain the relevance of the regulations on transportation of Dangerous Goods of DGCA India and ICAO’s instructions on transportation of Dangerous Goods in India with respect to their role and functions in their organization; and
  • apply their knowledge and understanding for the safety of  aircraft operation and safety of people, health, property, environment.

 Target Population:

Target population varies with Category of training programme conducted and is as follows:

Category 1 - Shippers and Persons undertaking the responsibilities of Shippers

Category 3 – Staff of freight forwarders involved in processing Dangerous Goods

Category 6 – Operator’s and ground handling agents staff accepting Dangerous Goods



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