Name of Agency :- M/s Sri Sai Nath Associates, Address: L-1542 Sector-I, L.D.A. Colony, Kanpur Road, Lucknow 226012, is hereby debarred for a period of three(03) years from participating in any tender in IAA. in any name/style effective from 25/08/2022   Name of Agency :- M/s Mildain Solutions LLP, Address: Plot No. 1, BGR Tower Sector -16A, Film City Noida -201301, is hereby debarred for a period of one(01) year from participating in any tender in IAA in any name/style effective from 09/11/2022  

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Purpose of the Course: Induction is welcoming a new employee to the organisation when he first joins AAI and giving him all basic information about all Departments.It is a training to familiarize the new entrants with the work environment in AAI. Newly Inducted Executives are familiarized on their roles in the organization. It increases employee retention, overall performance and job satisfaction, benefiting both  AAI and the inductee. Training and development practices should boost up performance and develop the skills, knowledge and expertise of the employees. The vital objective of this training is to build-up right ability and capability in the Inductee force so that they can perform to the best of their abilities. Learning Objectives:           Upon completing this course, participants will be able to learn: Brief history of the AAI organisation. AAI mission, vision, objectives and philosophies. Policies and procedures of the AAI. Rules and regulation of the AAI including R & P, ECDC rules. Organisational structure and authority relationship AAI General Service Terms and conditions of job including remuneration, working hours, leaves, holidays, promotional avenues, PMS etc. AAI Welfare measures like transport, health and recreation facilities, etc. AAI Safety measures Sexual harassment at work place General Office procedures, noting drafting and filing system Ethical values and Integrity Introduction and basics role of all departments e.g. CNS, ATC, Operation, Finance, Commercial etc. Grievance Redressed system and Procedure Rajbhasa Niti Contract Laws RTI Technology in Terminal/Airport Target Population: Newly inducted Junior Executives to Deputy General Manager of all Cadres such as Ops/ATM/Civil/Electrical/Planning    

Standard Course Fee:

for trainees from India, Nepal and Bhutan: INR 136000

for trainees from other countries : USD 3200

for trainees from SAARC countries : USD 2200

Additional Discount:

Available for more than one participants from one organization and participants from SAARC Countries.

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