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Feedback from participants 

Updated on,
01 March 2017

"I am really satisfied from all the staffs of Indian Aviation Academy which they are really helped and cooperated with us". 

Mr. Hedayatullab Yaqaubi,

"Special thanks to Indian Aviation Academy that they have invited us and their people is very much kind and nice. I am happy from all the Indian people specially, from the staff of IAA, I have lot of good memories from Indian that I will unable to forget". 

Mr. Meheria,

"I am very happy that made such beautiful people and culture, one thing that I must mentioned that it is my first time I met Indians and I am hopeful to meet you hon'ble people. I am thankful to all employees they really helped us and they had good cooperation. I really convey my appreciation for this" 

Mr. Ab-Majid,

"Very impressive faculty with lot of new innovative". 

Mr. Vipin Jain,
Regional Manager - Logistics,
South Asia a Middle East LH Cargo.as